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Metro Iron & Metal

Metro Iron & Metal provides top-quality scrap metal services for its customers. With excellent rates paid for all the scrap metal we purchase, there is no better place to turn your unwanted scrap materials into cash.


Our trained staff can help you sort through your scrap to determine which metal items we'll buy from you. They are trained and prepared to expedite the process, minimizing the delay to your business and maximizing your potential compensation. We are dedicated to remaining open and honest with our customers.


When you come to us with your scrap metal, know that we will gladly answer your questions and can handle special requests with ease. Get in touch with us today at 940-325-3898 to schedule a pick-up!



Get paid top dollar


Efficient transportation

Are you in need of some cash?


Honesty and timeliness are important aspects of our business. We continue to grow and improve the way we do things thanks to our close attention to customer feedback and our ability to offer consistent and reliable timelines.

At our scrap recycling company, we are dedicated to finding the most mutually beneficial result with every transaction. Our friendly staff will be glad to attend to your needs. We guarantee customer satisfaction!

Find the best deal for your unwanted scrap. Our staff is knowledgeable about current market prices in order to give you the fairest deal possible.


If you have scrap metal you are looking to get rid of, we are the first place you should go!

Our company pays attention to the environment around us. It's our commitment to dispose of all scrap metal safely, responsibly and in accordance with all local environmental regulations. Do the earth a favor by asking us to recycle your unwanted materials!

It is our promise to you that we will always offer fair prices and convenient pick-up times for your unwanted scrap material. Give us a call at 940-325-3898 to schedule a consultation with our team, or click the link below to learn more.

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